Ingrid Arnet Connidis

A Canadian painter in London, Ontario, Canada, I began painting in 1995 when I took a six-day workshop while living in Aix-en-Provence, France for a year. I was hooked. My usual mediums are oil or acrylic. I enjoy painting indoors and out, lucky to have great studio space and happy to take in nature when painting outdoors. 

I have sold my work at a variety of venues and galleries including the London Artists Studio Tour, three solo shows (two at TAP—The ARTS Project – in London in 2012 and 2014, and one at the Sage Café in Toronto in 2015), and club shows. I will be returning to the London Artists’ Studio Tour in 2020 (October 23-25).

I share Studio III with two other painters, a beautiful space in an old factory building located in Old East London (Unit 210, 538 Adelaide St. N., London, Ontario N6B 2J4, Canada). With plenty of natural light it is a wonderful place to paint and visit. We have periodic Open Houses to show and sell our work and you are welcome to visit the studio by appointment.

A member of the Gallery Painting Group (plein air artists who paint outdoors from May to October) and the Lambeth Art Association, I also enjoy the camaraderie of working with and learning from others who share my love of painting.



Artist's Statement

Artist's Statement

I’m drawn to colour and the outdoors and am especially happy when I can paint surrounded by nature or tucked cozily indoors at Studio III. Old homes, land and water, trees, crows and animals are all sources of inspiration and contentment. Painting allows me to spend time with the subjects that move me and to share that feeling with others.

Especially when painting outdoors, I typically just jump in with paint. More recently, I have enjoyed a process of sketching in pencil or charcoal when outdoors and then transforming my drawings and related photographs into paintings. Recent series include a study of an old, dead tree still full of life and wisdom. Another is a study of figures found in old, discarded photographs purchased in a second-hand bookstore. For these paintings, I begin by making a large charcoal sketch from the photo and then doing a painting using the subtraction method (removing paint from a canvas that has been covered in one colour of oil paint) which becomes my reference for subsequent paintings.

For many years painting was a great complement to my work as a university professor. Now, officially retired but still engaged as an Adjunct Research Professor, I am spending more time painting and exploring new approaches. There is nothing like learning new things.

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